Vampire Academy

Also commonly referred to as Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters, Vampire Academy is an American fantasy horror film created as a satire on vampires, and released in the year 2014. The movie is based on a 2007 bestselling novel having the same name and written by Richelle Mead. Its script was written by Daniel Waters and the direction was done by Mark Waters. The star cast included artists like Lucy Fry, Danila Kozlovski and Zoey Deutch, playing the lead roles. The movie released on February 7, 2014 in North America and was then globally released at different times between March 2014 and July 2014.

The story of the film is about a 17-year-old half vampire and half human individual (Dhampir) and guardian-in-training played by Zoey Deutch (Rose Hathaway) and Rose’s Royal Moroi (mortal and peaceful vampires) as well as best friend played by Lucy Fry (Lissa Dragmoir), living a hidden life amongst the common human beings.

The story begins one year after the two had escaped their boarding school facility at St Vladimir’s Academy after having received a number of threats and warnings. They get soon dragged into the Academy at Montana, only to discover the extremely dangerous hierarchy existing there, apart from several secrets, rumors and lies. Both have a hard time fitting into and co-existing with all the school politics. While they’re at it, Rose develops an attraction towards a Russian Dhampir mentor as well as fellow guardian going by the name Dimitri Belikov (played by Danila Kozlovsky).

Several secretive messages start appearing as a threat to Lissa, with many of them written on the walls with blood and an explosive memorial for her family inside the school church. However, it turns out later that all that was the doing of their classmate played by Sami Gayle (Mia Rinaldi), who had once been a love interest of Lissa’s brother, Andre. Andre had always been popular for his Casanova image and had enjoyed many noncommittal relationships with several women. Mia turns out to be one who was clingy enough, with her hatred focused towards Lissa instead, as she was the only surviving family member from the Dragomir clan. Having manipulated couple of other students using her sexual antics, Mia had persuaded them in her gameplay against Lissa.

A Moroi going by the name Christian Ozera (played by Dominic Sherwood), who is looked down upon by his peers as his parents had become Strigoi (the undead and evil vampires among the Moroi who become that by completely draining out blood from their victims) does his bit to get romantically involved with Lissa, but Rose somehow manages to keep Lissa away from him by lying to both Christian as well as Lissa. Rose also makes a discovery in the process that Lissa possesses the same rare power which used to be the main weapon of the founder of the St. Vladimir School. This power, known as the Spirit, gives ailment healing powers to the caster, helping in saving the dying people.

The same time, Mia, along with her two compatriots leave regular nasty notes for Lissa, threatening her safety by popping up dead animals wherever she goes. They kill her beloved pet cat Oscar too. Rose takes on Mia during the Equinox dance, being sure that it is she who is responsible for trying to scare Lissa with all the dead animals as well as the threatening notes. However, Mia seems very surprised and horrified, justifying her noninvolvement stating that she actually loves cats and had even given Oscar treats. Soon, the plot takes a nasty tone as Lissa gets kidnapped. Christian, Dimitri and Rose all do their bit to save her.

The Moroi behind the kidnapping of Lissa as well as all the threats to her, is a person going by the name Victor Dashkov (played by Gabriel Byrne). He is one of the previous contenders for the throne, who had gotten a disease leaving him too fragile and weak for the job. He makes a plan to use Lissa for curing his disease, despite being aware that the development of a cure would result in the end of her life (as the continuous healing process would eventually bring her death). After capturing and placing Lissa inside the secure cells located at an underground location at the school, Victor gives an explanation to Rose that the only reason he had bonded with Lissa (thus being able to see through Lissa’s eyes) was because she had been shadow-kissed, after bringing Victor back to life due to her magical powers. As they are talking to each other, Natalie (played by Sarah Hyland), Victor’s daughter comes around. She had been a friend to both Rose and Lissa as she used to feel quite insecure at the school and would live an almost invisible existence there. She’s enacting the plan of Victor’s escape and had recently turned into a Strigoi by draining out all the blood from her crush’s body, avoiding losing her virginity to him. Rose gives all the help she can to Dimitri for killing Natalie and detaining Victor.

While the vampire Queen Tatiana Ivashkov (played by Joely Richardson) is delivering a speech, Lissa interrupts and steps in to give her own speech, making a bold announcement that Spirit is actually her magic, and it’s all because of Rose (who had saved her from straying and becoming a person completely different from the one she actually is) that she had been able to master it completely. The scene immediately shifts to a different location, of a mountain cave which is not too far away from their academy, which is the secret residence of a huge army of Strigoi. They can then be seen saying that it’ll be time soon.

The rest can be discovered by watching the movie yourself!

Let’s briefly go over the cast of the movie now:
- Young Rose played by Macey Chipping
- Rosemarie ‘Rose’ Hathaway played by Zoey Deutch
- Vasilisa Lissa Dragomir played by Lucy Fry
- Christian Ozera played by Dominic Sherwood
- Mia Rinaldi played by Sami Gayle
- Dmitri Belikov played by Danila Kozlovsky
- Natalie Dashkov played by Sarah Hyland
- Mason Ashford played by Cameron Monaghan
- Victor Dashkov played by Gabriel Byrne
- Guardian Gabriela played by Dominique Tipper
- Sonya Karp played by Claire Foy
- Kenneth played by Nick Gillard
- Jesse Zeklos played by Ashley Charles
- Ray / Ralf Sarcozy played by Chris Mason
- Aaron Drozdov played by Edward Holcroft
- Andre Dragomir played by Rory Fleck-Byrne
- Rhea Dragomir played by Elizabeth Conboy
- Mr. Dragomir played by Alexander Abadzis
- Camilla Conta played by Bronte Norman – Terrell
- Queen Tatiana Ivashkov played by Joely Richardson