About Lissa

The character of Lissa Dragomir is played by Lucy Fry in the Vampire Academy movie. She’s the best friend of Rose Hathaway and is the only one left in the Dragomir clan after the entire family gets wiped out in an accident. Lissa has special magical powers, especially the ‘Spirit’ which allows her to shadow kiss Rose and bring her back to life after she’s involved in a serious car crash, the same one that takes the lives of her family members. Lissa Dragomir is the heir to throne and the current princess, who takes up the position of Queen after the death of her mother Queen Tatiana Ivashkov.

Talking about her personality, Lissa is a very friendly person and often shows traits of compassion and kindness. Having a kind heart, she reaches out to anyone in need and doesn’t mind going out of the way to ensure that everyone feels included. She doesn’t like seeing others in pain, especially the people who’re close to her and the ones she cares about. This is the precise reason why she is desperate about her special power ‘Spirit’ knowing that she can use it strategically for helping people in need.

She has a special place in her heart for animals too and doesn’t like seeing them in pain. Owing to her emphatic nature, you can see Lissa continuously using her magical powers for helping people in need despite receiving constant threat from the different vampire clans.

Lissa’s social skills are far better than others, partly due to the natural charisma she exhibits owing to her ‘Spirit’ power and mostly because of her inherent goodness. She doesn’t like mingling with the regular crowd at the Vampire Academy as everyone is too busy playing mind games, which is so unlike her.

On the other hand, she’s an idealist who strongly believes in equal rights for everyone including the non-royal, royal, Dhampirs and Moroi. She strongly despises the elitism enjoyed by the royals, shunning it as unfair, snobby and selfish. You can also see signs of her dislike about the way Dhampirs are treated as property by others. She often gets worked up discussing such topics, as is well evident when she’s talking in private with her mother Queen Tatiana.

Lissa’s appearance traits

Often described as having an angelic appearance by Rose, Lissa has extremely captivating and beautiful looks. She’s around 18 years in age and like a large majority of female Moroi, she’s also a tall and slim woman. Her golden blonde curly hair, full lips and pale skin complexion gives her an extremely beautiful look unparalleled by any other. When Lissa smiles, you cannot see her fangs.