About Rose

Rose is the narrator and one of the two main leads of the Vampire Academy series. She’s a half human and half vampire (Dhampir) Guardian who is the only daughter of the Moroi (good and peaceful vampires) Abe Mazur and the very well-known vampire Guardian Janine Hathaway. Having been raised at the St Vladimir Academy itself, Rose is the best friend of Princess Vasilisa or Lissa Dragomir ever since the two were five years old. She almost passes away in the same accident that had wiped out the entire Dragomir family, but was somehow saved by Lissa through the latter’s Spirit power, thus making Rose the first-ever Dhampir to have been shadow kissed after Anna. The same year Rose and Lissa run away from the St Vladimir Academy in order to protect Lisa from herself, only to return back to the Academy after two years through the Guardian Dimitri Belikov among many others.

Dimitri is made Rose’s mentor upon her return to the St Vladimir Academy, and they eventually fall in love over the course of next few weeks. Their love however is forbidden owing to the age difference between them, and the fact that they share a student teacher relationship. Furthermore, they cannot indulge in any such affair as they’d both be Lissa’s guardians at some point of time.

Rose had killed couple of Strigois (the bad vampires who drain out blood from their victims’ bodies) when she was 17 years old, and had lost her good friend Mason Ashford during that fight. She had gotten arrested and falsely framed for the murder of Queen Tatiana Ivashkov at the age of 18, but she somehow manages to locate Jillian, Lissa’s lost sibling and finds the actual killer with her help.

Rose had gained wide popularity for her accomplishments even when she wasn’t a learned Dhampir or Guardian. Her popularity also stems from her being the lover and fiancee of Guardian Dimitri Belikov, as well as the personal Guardian of Lissa Dragomir.

Her appearance traits in the movie

When it comes to appearances, Rose comes across as a semi-exotic princess in the Vampire Academy movie as she features a curvy body with rounded hips and full breasts. She has killer looks and is extremely gorgeous to say the least, even for a Guardian or a Dhampir. Rose’s beauty is such that it is comparable to a Moroi! She stands tall at an impressive height of 5’4”, but is shortest when she is next to her friends, who are mostly male. This is because a large majority of Dhampir Novices and Guardians are male. Rose also has a long and thick dark brown hair which shine very brightly in the right kind of light. Her slightly tanned skin and dark brown eyes give her the same hue as that of an inside of an almond (as even self-described by her).