Before delving into the Vampire Academy movie and its GIFs, let’s first understand what a GIF actually is! GIF is the short form of “Graphic Interchange Format / Picture Format.” It’s a unique format for the image files which supports both static and animated images and is regularly used by artwork creators to express their creations. The format was first introduced by Compuserve in the year 1987 and has ever since gained wide acceptance, popularity and usage on the World Wide Web.

The lovers and creators of Vampire Academy, the 2014 movie created many such GIFs from the movie which were a big hit with the vampire movie lovers. These were basically short snippets from the movie with relevant captions underneath them explaining the situations. For instance, in one of the GIFs you can see Rose (played by Zoey Deutch) performing one of her amazing fight stunts and fighting off a bad character. In another you can see the lovable expression on Lissa’s (played by Lucy Fry) face in one of her interactions with Christian (played by Dominic Sherwood). Then there’s another one in which you can see Christian saying “If you weren’t psychotic, you’d be fun to hang out with!”

There are many more amazing GIFs that you can pick up and embed on your website, blog or forum posts. There are several more GIFS which are actually artwork extensions of the Vampire Academy movie lovers. So, if you’re a GIF fan and use them regularly to express your feelings to others, the Vampire Academy movie GIFs will certainly be a hit with you! Go ahead, use them and express yourself!!