The movies on vampires have such amazing fan following that people who love them usually lap up anything related to them in a jiffy, be it any merchandise or artwork.

Vampire Academy, the movie which was an adaptation of the book by the same name, and written by Richelle Mead, was released to the US audience in February 2014. It was actually the first instalment of the series of several Vampire Academy movies that were originally planned. The movie is focused on St Vladimir Academy which isn’t your regular boarding school or learning place. It’s actually a hidden academy where vampires undergo training and education in the different ways of magic. Furthermore, half human and half vampire teens also receive training for protection of regular vampires. These half humans and half vampires are referred to as Dhampirs. Rose Hathaway is a Dhampir or a bodyguard to her best pal Lissa, who’s a Moroi (benevolent or kind vampires) Vampire Princess. The movie surrounds around them and the way they tackle different changing circumstances in amazing ways. However, this short article is not actually about the plot of the movie but the amazing artwork or the logo of the Vampire Academy movie which can be downloaded and embedded by Vampire Academy lovers on their websites or blogs.

When you see the logo it appears like any other academy logo with Vampire Academy written on the top and ‘Higher Learning Higher Stakes’ written at the bottom. However, soon the blood starts dripping from the top filling up the entire logo and coloring it in red, followed by the phrase ‘Prepare to be Tested’ appearing on the top. It’s one classy logo that anyone who appreciates artwork would love at first sight. So, regardless of whether you are fond of vampire movies or not, you cannot miss the class and effort that seems to have gone into the Vampire Academy logo!